The Art of Neighboring: Motives Matter

BIG IDEA: Most people living in Seattle in 2017 have overdeveloped “suspicion muscles” because they have been thoroughly overstimulated by news outlets, advertisers, Hollywood, and the previous generation. We are “wary” of everyone’s motives. Our greatest fear is being duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, hoaxed, swindled, double-crossed; conned, diddled, shafted, rooked, suckered, snookered or cat-fished. So … More The Art of Neighboring: Motives Matter

The Bear & the Butterfly: An Open Forum on Suffering

BIG IDEA:  We live in a city of highly educated and astute thinkers, yet there still seem to be certain elusive ideas that even the best minds continually struggle to grasp. At “The Bear & the Butterfly Open Forum” we highlighted one such beautiful, yet elusive, idea and openly grappled with it from perspectives of … More The Bear & the Butterfly: An Open Forum on Suffering

The Who of Heaven

BIG IDEA:  Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that you put into a relationship here on this Earth is ALWAYS WORTH IT, PERIOD. There will be no regret in investing in people. Though not all people will be with us in Heaven, it does not make the time spent loving them, living life with … More The Who of Heaven

When is Heaven?

BIG IDEA: Heaven will come in three distinct WHENS: (1) LIFE NOW: full embodiment/physicality, but only the partial presence of the triune GOD through the presence of the Holy Spirit (so it is right to hope and cry out for more of Heaven to come); (2) LIFE AFTER DEATH: full presence of the triune GOD, … More When is Heaven?

What is Heaven?

BIG IDEA: So many people — maybe you are one of them — NEVER want to think about Heaven, probably because they’ve been taught the wrong answers to “WHAT” Heaven will be like. David Lloyd George, former Prime Minister of the UK, once said “When I was a boy, the thought of Heaven used to frighten … More What is Heaven?