Welcome! You have stumbled upon a brand new church. We officially launched SIDERIS in February 2015. We’d love to have you join us during this exciting time as we learn together what it looks like to be a “community for considering” life’s biggest questions and the person and work of Jesus Christ. Thank you for reading and considering along with us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@siderischurch.com.

What does “SIDERIS” mean?

First, SIDERIS is one of two Latin roots which came to gather to form the word “CONSIDER.” We use this word quite a bit in our community as we believe that the honest consideration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a true act of worship, regardless of where your current relationship with God may be.

Second, SIDERIS literally means “heavenly body.” In Latin this was often reference to the stars, but we also see this little phrase “heavenly body” as a great reminder of God’s promises on both an individual and corporate level.

Through the resurrection of Jesus, God promises that all those who trust in Jesus Christ. by faith, for their salvation will experience a resurrection like his. This resurrection is not only spiritual but physical. We will be given new “heavenly” bodies that are glorified and imperishable as we live life fully in the presence of God forever (Read 1 Corinthians 15).

In addition, the bible often refers to the Church as “the body of Christ.” Those who follow Jesus are a band of individuals who together form a collective (the body) and live life together in a unique type of community. A community, that at its best, provides a glimpse into the life to come in “heaven” — the glorious future reality of life lived in the personal presence of God.  The church is called to allow the love, goodness and grace of God’s kingdom be known on the earth though her witness. As a local expression of this “body” we try hard to faithfully represent the heavenly realities as well, by worshipping God together, praying together, trusting fully in God’s Word, encouraging each other toward holiness and loving one another sacrificially. Though we often fall short of this high calling, it is our sincere desire to live like Jesus, and faithful represent the “heavenly body” of Christ here in the city of Seattle.


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