Advent: God Clarified


BIG IDEA: Many of us keep God away because we’re confused about what he’s like and what he brings with him when he arrives in our lives. At Christmastime, we celebrate that God has clarified who he is because he put on flesh that we might understand him in our own language, the language of humanity. With God clarified in the person of Jesus, perhaps now we can decide to let him into our own lives this Christmas season.

We’re taking a break from our study in Ephesians to reflect on Advent. The word “Advent” means “arrival,” and during this time of the year we reflect on Jesus’ first arrival on Earth, looking forward in anticipation to his second arrival. It’s a time of tension between Jesus’ first coming and his second.


  • God wants us to have clarity about him, and that’s one of the reasons that God appears in the person of Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus is God in the flesh: God puts on humanity and becomes human.
  • What kind of human being would God be if he were a human being? Jesus. We know what kind of person God would be. What does that reveal to us about God?
  • God gifts us his language (John 1:1) by sending Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God translated into a language that we can understand so that we might know him better.
  • Jesus changes everything, and the world literally changes for us: We can no longer see the world the same, act the same, live the same, or decide the same when the language of God indwells us.
  • When we study Jesus, we begin to know God, we begin to get clear about who God is.
  • What does Jesus clarify about God?
    • God is personal: He is fully personal as a human being.
    • God is humble: He was willing to be born into the world he created as a baby in a stable. And in the person of Jesus, he went to a publicly humiliating death on a cross.
    • God is present: He is with us. He’s right here, in our world, fully in our lives. We can talk to him.
    • God is very serious: We see the awful things in this world and think God must not care, he must not be serious. But no one cares more about our broken world than God. He cares so much that he dealt with the root issue, sin, in the person of Jesus Christ. That’s how serious God is.
    • God is victorious: God doesn’t hedge his bets. He cannot and will not be stopped. Nothing in this world, not sin, not death, not the Devil can get in the way of God winning. Jesus clarifies for all of history that the one true God will be victorious.
    • The more we study Jesus, the more we admire him, the more we adore him, the more we want to worship him.


  • Rejoice and celebrate the arrival of the baby Jesus because the birth of Jesus is God clarifying himself for us.
  • Get as close to Jesus as possible: study the language which is Jesus.

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