God’s Plan

BIG IDEA: God chose us before the foundation of the world and at the same time, we have free will, but we need not be anxious about predestination. Yes, the idea of God’s foreknowledge is important to consider, but our understanding of this truth will never be complete nor is it a matter of salvation, … More God’s Plan

God’s Love

BIG IDEA: Before the foundations of the cosmos, in full knowledge of the rebellion that would come from his creation, knowing that the death of his Son would be the only means of redemption for his creation, God chose to create. God chose us. SERIES: EPHESIANS The book of Ephesians relates God’s plan for creating … More God’s Love

God’s Word

BIG IDEA: We will miss out on the joy of the Scriptures when we fail to see that these words carry much more weight than our contemporary society wants to admit. The Bible is the communication of the creator God, to us his creatures. It is pregnant with the full weight of God’s authority as Creator. … More God’s Word