Christmas Sunday – A REAL HOPE

HOPE = to cherish a desire with anticipation “with anticipation” — This is key, it assumes that the desired thing is REAL, that it is actually attainable. The powerful thing about hope and anticipation is that they are only powerful and meaningful when the thing you are anticipating is actually REAL. WHY POVERTY LEADS TO HOPELESSNESS? Take a look … More Christmas Sunday – A REAL HOPE

HEBREWS 9&10 – The Blood of Jesus, Part II

In Hebrews 9 and 10, the preacher focuses on “THE BLOOD OF JESUS”…Why is blood so important in God’s plan for Salvation? What color is blood? RED, but only when it’s exposed to oxygen–which is to say shed blood. The color red triggers alertness–stop signs, “sale” signs. The human eye sees the color red in a unique … More HEBREWS 9&10 – The Blood of Jesus, Part II