Eastern Pantheistic Monism is a worldview that represents certain forms of Hinduism and Buddhism, though not all Hinduism or Buddhism. “EPM” is the belief that there is nothing apart from the cosmos or Brahman (“God”). The soul of each human being is a part of “The One” and our most important goal is to recognize … More EASTERN PANTHEISTIC MONISM – Thou Art That

EXISTENTIALISM – Who’s the Hero?

Existentialism recognizes that with naturalism all meaning has been lost and that life is therefore, ABSURD.  In an attempt to recover from this logical conclusion of Naturalism,  Existentialists use the framework of the subjective world to rescue us by suggesting that we are capable of creating meaning.  We can defy the meaningless world and become our own … More EXISTENTIALISM – Who’s the Hero?

NATURALISM – A Cold Silent Universe

Naturalism takes us one step further than Deism. Because they do not see any practical benefits to belief in a supreme being, Naturalists remove God from the equation. Human reason and scientific method are given full authority to discover and control the material world. This is the default worldview taught in American public schools and so Naturalism is deeply rooted … More NATURALISM – A Cold Silent Universe