The Universe Next Door Series

The primary problem in Seattle is an epidemic of horrible conversations. At Sideris we are annoyingly passionate about Jesus Christ and helping others consider the truth of the gospel, primarily through having bigger, deeper, more significant conversations.

God is the great starter of conversations, and we must follow His lead. Though as humans, fear often gets in our way–fear of being wrong, of not expressing ourselves perfectly, of being seen as ignorant or uninformed. There are obstacles we face, and we want to spend each summer as a church tackling some of these.

This summer we will look at a common obstacle, the lack of knowledge of other worldviews and religions, through a series called “The Universe Next Door” based on the book by the same name by Christian philosopher, James Sire. The hope is to increase our familiarity of other ways of seeing the world so that we can confidently listen well and engage better.

So what is a worldview? It is a conscious or unconscious understanding of life, others, and ourselves. A set of hinges on which all our everyday thinking and doing turns. It is also a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart.

Our goal is not to disparage or tear down any worldview, but to understand it, so that we can rightly articulate how the gospel of Jesus Christ is unique and hopefully refreshing to those whom might be thirsty. We can do this by considering the following 8 questions of each worldview, including our own:

  1. What is prime reality?
  2. What is the nature of external reality/the world around us?
  3. What is a human being?
  4. What happens to a person at death?
  5. Why is it possible to know anything at all?
  6. How do we know what is right & wrong?
  7. What is the meaning of human history?
  8. What personal, life-orienting core commitments are consistent with this worldview?

With each worldview, we will try to consider one or all three of these “rubs” with Christianity:

  • LOGICAL RUB = We have been given brains, rationality, & laws of logic like the law of non-contradiction that we find in logic. Most people do not have an internally consistent, coherent and congruent worldview.
    • Is your worldview logical?
  • SCRIPTURAL RUB = We have been given the word of God. What does it say about the key beliefs of these worldviews?
    • Is your worldview biblical?
  • GOSPEL RUB = We have been given the gospel, the story of Jesus’ life, death & resurrection. How is this a unique story of hope and salvation?
    • Is your worldview gospel-centered?

The Christian worldview is founded upon the vision of God, humanity, life and the cosmos revealed to us in Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments.

Next Steps:

  • Read Psalm 8 … what is the Psalmist’s worldview?
  • Listen to this week’s sermon on our website.
  • Reflect about your worldview, answering the questions above.
  • Engage in bolder, deeper, more substantial conversations with your neighbors.

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